Fanshawe Gate Hall cottage available for rent.



Historical Planting

Some plants have been chosen for their historical origin; much research was done into plants which would have been known four hundred years ago. The east facing borders on either side of the entrance to the house contain:
Aconitum, Digitalis, Alcea rosea, Achillea, Malva, Lychnis, Dianthus, Artemisia, Origanum, Salvia, Lathyrus
Other plants have been selected for their sympathy with the period of the house, and many of these will be familiar from traditional cottage garden planting. The south facing borders in front of the house and the borders surrounding the main lawn include:
Rosa species, Lythrum, Lilium, Peaonia, Delphinium, Viola, Papaver, Phlox, Geranium, Campanula, Lupinus, Lunaria, Eryngeum, Filipendula, Geum

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